The Trolley at Main & Vine

The Trolley at Main & Vine consists of retail and residential space at the 1600 block of West Main Street, and is home to Rostov’s Coffee and Tea, The Glave Kocen Gallery and Home Team Grill. It is a circa 1889 brick structure at the corner of Vine and West Main Street that served as an early horse car barn. When the revitalization project was first conceived in 2001, the block consisted of largely vacant or under-utilized warehouse space. Today, it is a popular destination for gallery-goers and diners; the commercial and residential renovation has significantly enlivened this block of West Main Street.

The Trolley at Main & Vine has been recognized by the Alliance to Conserve Old Richmond Neighborhoods and was a 2007 Golden Hammer Finalist.





Completed: 2007
Listing Category: Lease
Property Type: Residential and Retail
Building SF: 21,000 SF
Available for Lease: 2,359 SF
Min Available SF: 2,359 SF
Max Available SF: 2,359 SF
Building Class:
Anchor: Home Team Grill
Rostov’s Coffee
Press: Virginia Living